Nearly any logo or artwork can be made into an embroidery. It all starts with artwork that is converted into stitches. This process is called digitizing and is basically telling each stitch where to go. The art of digitizing takes time to perfect and many techniques, which we employ, can make your logo or image look rich and classy.


The digitized artwork is converted into a computer file and loaded onto an embroidery machine. Machines come in multiple head configurations from 1 head on up to 20+ heads.


Each garment is hooped with backing, if needed, to keep the embroidery laying flat for years to come. The needles are threaded with the appropriate thread colors to correspond with the artwork.

The hooped garments are loaded into each head, and the machine does the rest. Of course, each stitch is individually run to complete the design. We've had designs run in 2 minutes and large detailed designs that take all day to run. The machine is very efficient and even trims the excess stitch between each thread color change automatically.

Loading Shirt

The garment is de-hooped, steamed flat and packaged for you.

Dan "The T-Shirt" Man